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Common And Uncommon Causes Of Back Pain

Posted by Dr. Nisha Jain on July 19, 2017

We receive a large number of patients at our Center for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation in Plano, TX. I have been treating patients’ critical and chronic pain. Sometimes it takes a few sittings. At several occasions, it takes weeks and months to offer a patient complete relief.

As a Board-certified Pain Management and Pain Medicine physician, I believe the spread and development of pain from slight to severe is mainly because of lifestyle we lead. Of course, there is no denying the fact that age plays vital role in giving you back pain. But, there are some common reasons that may be responsible for your back pain –

Reasons responsible for back pain

(*Arthritis, out of these, is not a single disease. According to the medical science definition, over a hundred types of arthritis of similar conditions exist – all sending you unbearable back pain.)

But, these are some of the most widely seen or common reasons of back pain. I have seen patients suffering from dozens of other reasons.

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Whichever is the cause of your back pain, it can be treated – however, if reported in early stage. Pain avoided for long can take an even longer time to cure completely.

Therefore, I suggest and want to spread awareness that for back pain, the moment you notice it, even if it is a slight one, you should connect with a pain center.

This is space where I will be sharing industry and center updates, tips, healthy lifestyle hacks and various guides and pieces of information to help you stay away from pain of any kind.

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