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Why Choose our Pain Center in Plano?

Most we care about is you and your pain. We have a compassionate front office staff that puts you at ease the moment you walk in.

Our pain center hosts state-of-the-art equipment to help relieve and rehabilitate your pain. The clinic is designed and laid out keeping your comfort in mind, surpassing other medical facilities and pain centers in Plano.

Our professionals are thoroughly trained to work with the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques to give you the best possible treatment for pain relief. We use modern X-ray imaging guidance technology to perform injections and procedures.

Our approach to pain management is simple: We create individual or personalized treatment plan to treat your paining back and joints. Learn more

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Know Your Pain

  • What is backpain?

    Back pain is any ache, pain, tension, or disorder that affects the muscles or bones of the back from the base of the neck to the hips. It can be caused by damage to the muscles or the bones of the spine and ribs or to the disc between the vertebrae.
  • What are the symptoms?

    Painful, tenderness or stiffness of the backbone, unable to straighten or bend your back properly. In extreme cases sufferers are unable to move due to the pain and numbness or paralysis may occur. For muscular problems there may be tenderness, aches and pains, stiffness, weakness, tingling, numbness, cramp and swelling to your muscles of the torso, which may cause some breathing issues too e.g. pain on taking deep breaths.
  • What advice is available for backpain?

    The general advice to those suffering from back pain is to stay active and try simple pain relief. However, if the pain persists or causes extreme discomfort then you should contact your GP for medical advice.
  • How is it diagnosed?

    Your healthcare provider will ask about your symptoms and medical history. A physical exam will be done. Your back, hips, and legs and will be tested for strength, flexibility, sensation, and reflexes.
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972-769-7246 (PAIN)
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